Welcome to Eatopia, the newest food hall, and entertainment concept in Mongolia. Designed to create a communal space for dining, socializing, and fostering greater community within the urban cityscape. We hope you will enjoy the diversity of international cuisines and the vibrant interior design created by a team of international designers. Situated in the internationally acclaimed Olympic Residence, the Eatopia Food Hall welcomes you to organize company parties, happy hours, birthday parties, and meetings for international organizations. Otherwise, come and enjoy the variety of foods with your friends for lunch, dinner, or drinks.

Happy Hour

Specializing in wines, craft beers, champagne, cocktails, and specialized Asian delights such as Shoju and Sake, the EATOPIA Food Hall is the premier location for Happy Hours from Monday to Friday.

Wine and Beer Tasting Dinners

With one of the largest selections of international craft beers and wines, the Food Hall is a great place to host a special wine tasting or dinner for you and your friends.

Group Parties

Designed as an entertainment space in the city centre, EATOPIA is an ideal location for large groups. Whether it is year-end company parties, Chambers of Commerce, or Embassy functions. Eatopia is designed to accommodate large groups and offers lots of variety of roof and drink for every occasion.

Lunch Extravaganza

With a large variety of internationally recognized cuisines, lunch takes on a whole new dimension. The foodhall’s outside terrace seating and a common area will prove to be one of the most sociable and enjoyable lunch locations in the entire city.

Eatopia Address

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Тоот Чиглэл (мкв)
301 White Tara Vegetarian Restaurant 102.7
302 Confectionary 50
303 Charcuterie / Fromagerie 47
304 Artisanal Gelato / Ice Cream 36.7
304b Soup Bar 12.5
305 Smoothies & Juice Bar 52.3
306 Cote Cakes 12.1
307 NOKA Japanese Grill & Bar 215
Тоот Чиглэл (мкв)
308 NOKA Japanese Grill & Bar 45.3
309 Cocktail Bar 60.5
310a Takesan Mison Ramen 129
310b Pizzeria Wood Oven & Bar 33
310c Pizzeria Restaurant 58
311 Cote 65.5
312 Teppanyaki Steak House w/Center Bar 142
313 Champagne & Caviar 42
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In Japanese cuisine, robatayaki, often shortened to robata, refers to a method of cooking, similar to barbecue in which items of food are cooked at varying speeds over hot charcoal.

What if you didn’t need to travel the world to enjoy the splendid tastes of international cuisine.

Noka's offerings will provide the best customer service for everyone



Offering a large variety of meats from Mongolia and beyond, the Deli will be an excellent location to pick up a sandwich or buy some cured meats from the top producers in the region. Fresh organic offerings from the Deli area are one of top attractions of our food court.

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Taco sita

What if, finally there was a meeting place for after work happy hours and large group events in a stunning location overlooking the city’s main park. Get ready for a culinary experience you will never forget, make your reservations now, for Eatopia will soon be coming to you.




/Ice Cream/
Who doesn’t love ice cream? Try a new flavour each day. Cool off from the Mongolian summer with some of the best ice cream in town! The eclectic interior, high-quality produce and warm service make this the perfect place to enjoy dessert.


Champagne and Caviar

Nothing says celebration like champagne. Sitting at the heart of the food hall will be the city’s only champagne bar - truly a place to see and be seen.


Artisanal Pizza Bar

With tried and true techniques from Old Europe spanning Venice to Napoli, the taste of artisanal dome pizza is hard to beat. By combining traditional knowledge and with organic Mongolian ingredients, the Eatopia pizza will set the bar high for any pizza in the city. Enjoy a unique experience as the chef cooks before your eyes.


Craft Beer House

Mongolia’s craft beer selection has grown rapidly since first arriving 20 years ago. With new and varied selections being created almost every month, the variety of craft brews here in UB is now plentiful, making for a unique and enjoyable experience. Come try the new craft Beer house and find your perfect beer match.



/ Japanese Steakhouse /
Eating entertainment is the only way to explain this unique dining experience. With Japanese-trained chefs and top- grade Mongolian cuts, the Teppanyaki Steakhouse will be ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion with a special someone. Enjoy the show with some of the finest Japanese Sake and Korean Shoju or a cold brew from the craft offerings.


Spanish Tapas and Wine Bar

As the premier location in the Eatopia Food Hall, come and enjoy wines from southern Europe and experimental tapas from Spain. With the most unique terrace space in UB, this offering is designed to impress with sights, sounds and tastes. Bringing the taste of Europe to Mongolia, this restaurant will fuse old and new, and will be a distinctive addition to the city’s culinary scene.


Interactive Cooking Classes

With guest chefs from around Mongolia and beyond, Eatopia’s Food Hall offers an unmissable opportunity to learn from the best in a fun, laid-back setting. Start your culinary adventure here!