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As an international organization involved in frontier and emerging markets - one of the most challenging but exciting aspects of the real estate industry- we offer unmatched career opportunities to talented individuals. We are expanding and looking for expertise in the fields of finance, strategy, research and business development.

If you are interested in embarking on a rewarding career with us, don’t hesitate to reach out by sending us your CV and letting us know what your career aspirations are. Our talent acquisition team will get back to you if we find you a great match.



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Internship Program

Work Closely

Work closely with the Executive Management team and Board of directors as well as team within Propeterra!

The Program

The program treats interns as full-time employees and contributes to their growth, as well as that of the firm and the country more broadly.

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The program goes beyond the office walls and your assigned job with city tours, community involvement, networking events, and participating in conferences and business summits to further develop your career.

The fun part

Interns get to explore the beautiful nature and nomadic life style of Mongolia and get a chance to experience the Traditional Naadam Festival, which is the most widely watched festival among Tourists during midsummer.

**Internships during winter and spring are also available on a case by case basis. Candidates applying for full time positions might need to go through the internship program before being offered full time positions.

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Su Min Ha 2014 Summer Intern Claremont McKenna College
My experience at APIP has been absolutely amazing, both professionally and personally. The level of responsibility I was given as an intern from the start was stunning: I was discussing investment memos with the CFO, working side-by-side with industry veterans, and presenting my findings to the CEO directly. My work was implemented and used in the sales process for APIP's most important clients. I traveled with the CEO to Korea and Hong Kong multiple times and prepared investment seminars for more than 200 clients. I also had a key role in selecting strategic partners in Korea and establishing new business relationships. Personally I had one of the best summers experiencing the culture in Mongolia: camping in the steppes under the clearest night sky, sleeping in traditional gers and experiencing the nomadic lifestyle, and exploring UB nightlife with colleagues on the weekend are just some of the highlights. Needless to say, my frequent business trips to Hong Kong and Korea were also full of fascinating new experiences and learning opportunities. Overall, it's hard to think of a more impactful internship than that offered at APIP. It provided me with a very unique experience and equipped me with the various professional skills that were instrumental in my moving to a top management consulting firm after graduating college.
Indre Altman 2017 Summer Intern Bowdoin College
I loved interacting with warm, smart people day-to-day who encouraged me explore my interests. The research I did for APIP on the Mongolian mining sector led to many opportunities down the line. Now I am studying natural resources and emerging markets in graduate school at the University of Texas. No matter where my education takes me, I will always be grateful for those precious summer weeks I spent on Unesco Street, and the people I strolled down it with.
Richy Chen 2018 Summer Internship Claremont McKenna College
As one of the leading real estate companies in Mongolia, APIP provided me with a network of interesting professionals to learn from, and as a medium sized firm, it also let me have opportunities to do work that made an impact. The CEO works with interns directly. He gives us goals to fulfill, but the path we take is always up for discussion, which allows me to test my own problem-solving skills. There is immense flexibility in all areas of work, and I got to see the challenges of working in a frontier market first hand. However, this freedom at work means interns who are not driven get left behind.
Andrew Hayley 2018 Summer Intern University of Oxford
My time at APIP has been a fun and entirely unique learning experience. As interns, we had a scope to work on a wide range of projects, and had a lot of responsibility and freedom from day one. The chance to work in an exciting frontier market like Mongolia is great hands-on experience, providing an insight into the real estate sector and the more general challenges faced operating in these locations. Aside from work, the company has a fun and inclusive atmosphere, and being in Mongolia for the summer gave me the opportunity to travel within the country and experience the countryside and culture.
Langston Chen 2018 Summer Internship Harvard University
I had a very positive experience working at Asia Pacific Investment Partners this summer. The internship is a great learning opportunity as I had the opportunity to work on a broad range of interesting projects in fields such as research, marketing, and finance. In addition, myself and the other interns had the chance to work directly with senior management and were given a high level of responsibility right from the start. I would highly recommend this internship in the future to anyone considering.