About Asia Pacific Land

Real estate development is the Group's principal business and the Group conducts substantially all of its real estate development operations through its main operating subsidiary, Asia Pacific Land. The focus of this business is the development of luxury residential properties, middle-income residential properties and mixed-use properties with a retail component in Mongolia. The Group’s initial projects focused on residential properties marketed to expatriate buyers, which then evolved organically into development of luxury properties for both domestic and foreign high net worth investors and occupants. In order to diversify the Group’s target market, the Group developed mixed-use developments to attract middle-income buyers and tenants as well.

The Group aims to deliver developments in highly desirable locations and with high quality design, construction and finishing, and it seeks to introduce new and innovative concepts to the Mongolian residential property market, in terms of both design and functionality, with each new project undertaken. Complementing this focus on innovation is the Group’s strong reputation for delivering high quality projects built to meet and exceed the expectations of international occupants and wealthy domestic buyers. The Directors believe this focus on quality enables the Group to attract demand from high income domestic buyers, foreign investors and expatriates.